Monday, June 2, 2008

Fruit With Panache!

Do you ever wonder what in the world was
going on in your head when you create something?

This particular piece of art certainly begged the question at the end of the day. Obviously, someone...(a unique somewhat pear shaped, flamboyant and charming woman) had crossed my path. This lady was someone only a mother could love....and also me. She had style from the top of her head to the tip of her toes...not necessarily the style one might want to emulate...but, certainly style one would forever etch in their mind.

This lady gently asked me the time of day while I was cruising down the sidewalk. This tiny question opened my eyes to an individual I will forever remember. This odd shaped damsel was a vision. Her architectural style hair adorned with a huge 1980's fluffy scarf was only the tip of the ice burg. She thrust her buxom bosom into all those approximately 5 feet tall or less, and accented her short but shapely legs with a too revealing flouncy skirt. This all was garnished with a round purse, somewhat like a ball, and grey spike heel pumps. She reeked of "vintage 'what not to wear', but I'm going to anyway" flavor. She was polite, had a grateful attitude and stuck out like a soar thumb on the sidewalks of my city. I loved her!

May I have as much panache with confidence in my later years. I created this art to honor her being, and to remind me that I too can be so unique!

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BittersweetPunkin said...

You never know where the inspiration is going to come from!! Great story...I will pop over and check out your Etsy!

Whitney Johnson said...

So true, bittersweet's comment...I often see such character in people, and create a whole past and future for them in my mind. What fun to go beyond people watching... it's a really great piece!
Happy Day...