Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2 of Life's Mysteries!

Just a few more shots of flea market heaven...... This simple little dinette set and rocker covered in the most lovely of lavender Naugahyde was traffic stopping. As the story goes, the former owner (now deceased) loved the color of purple...and all its shades. Her husband forbid her to decorate with any hint of purple, because of his dislike of the color. (Obviously, compromise was not something discussed in this household.) But, upon his death (he being first) this opened the door for decorating freedom. She took his life insurance policy and blanketed the house in her favorite color. From drapery....or knick knacks. Just a little royal irony....hmmmm? Worlds largest flower frog.....6 inch steel spikes mounted on a wood block. What dainty flower would you spear? Perhaps a 12 foot sunflower?
This was the ultimate up cycling of the common everyday Goodrich tire. Simply invert...and scallop the edges...voi' have a decorative flower pot.
Loved this shade of purple glass. The photo is not as rich as the color in person...but, quite beautiful. Obviously, the Naugahyde purple decorating lady would have lined every window seal with these beauties.
Tables of miscellaneous!
I personally do not collect fiesta ware...but, it is beautiful in quantity!
This concludes our photos of the end of the school year flea market celebration! Simple photos....and complex mysteries! Enjoy!

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Man! So much stuff, so little space left in my house!