Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"My software never has bugs,
it just develops random features."
I have been stricken with computer meltdown! I have not been able to get on the Internet in almost a week! EEEEEEK! When computers work it is outstanding....when they are broken....I am completely crippled. My "fix-er up" skills are basically negative...in fact, my desperate attempts at repair have often landed me deeper in the hole. So, with the aid of much duck tape and aluminum foil I managed to use my husbands desktop today. He is at work....shhhhhh. Remember a former post with all the parts in a muffin tin? Well, this is the end result of miscellaneous parts put together. These cute little girls are all made from vintage ephemera.
Once again volume will make them fabulous....imagine a whole tree covered in these little girls. Can't wait.
While reading this and thumbing wildly through blogs on your working computer...remember mine and all its illnesses. Amen.

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