Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Had To Share!

Last weekend I went to what has always been one of my favorite big junk sales. was somewhat of a bust. Annually a favorite antique mall in my fair city holds an all day yard sale in its parking lot. The past few years I have attended it was fantastic! Approximately, 50-60 vendors and oodles of great stuff at outstanding prices, and everyone always willing to negotiate. The more you buy...the cheaper it gets. Well this was not so good. The morning was cold and damp, and only three vendors showed up! Argh.
But, as any motto of a good junker clings to in her time of disappointment...."stop and look anyway...even though it looks like nothing is calling your name." I did. There was one little man just beginning to unload his trunk and there it was...the pristine tulle and pipe cleaner angel...almost hanging out of the box of broken ornaments with minimal delicate consideration. I saw them about 10 paces out....I focused.....I walked toward with indignation...I picked up off the ground.....I asked the price....and I got TWO of them for one dollar! Yippee!
Notice the dainty gold pipe cleaners that created her toe shoes! Awesome! Just had to share!


cupcake studio said...

Ooh, they're so pretty! (And what a steal...gotta love that.)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

THE best kind of discovery!