Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting Mill Antiques!

It is official....I now have an antique booth at the fantastic "Knitting Mill Antiques" of Chattanooga, TN!  Yes, it completes me!  After much debate....discussion....and finally consulting the decision makers of this upstanding establishment....I am one of them.  To their dismay...maybe?....but, I am thrilled to be a playing in their sandbox of junk devine.

In a matter of days, this small, but ever so full booth was painted and filled with the goodies I so love.

The sad part about this process....I have not purchased one thing to put in it.  This inventory was plucked from the closets...walls...shelves....and basement of my home.  A pure testimony of fact to confirm what my "Honey" has always said, "our house looks like Cracker Barrel, but you don't get the good food".  Now if you are not a southerner, the humor factor is somewhat lost in this statement, but if you have crossed the hallowed porches of any Cracker Barrel...these profound words uttered by my better half, have mucho meaning.

Time has taught my spousal unit, that yes, our home has the essence of an antique mall..yes, it may seem somewhat overwhelming at times...and yes, if the need to create a junking retail store is needed...yes, WE CAN DO IT!  Stop by and visit if in the a great place to unplug for about two hours and tip toe through many junking kindred spirits!


Mom2fur said...

Best of luck with your booth! You sure have some cool things there. And hey, even though I'm a New Yorker, I get the Cracker Barrel reference. Maybe you should look up some 'copycat recipes' to make for your husband, LOL!

Julie Pishny said...

Ha, your post really made me laugh...comparing your home to Cracker Barrel - just another testimony to the fact that men just don't get it!

Your new booth is filled with yummy things and I love the blue walls - perfect!

Hugs - Julie

Susan said...

Good luck! You have lots of nice things--wish I lived nearby. I want that little chandelier lamp! Waaa...

Deanna said...

Love it! I hope I get to Chattanooga soon. Good luck in your newest venture.