Monday, July 12, 2010


The cutest thing about this art are the naked rubber babies sitting on the bricks!  
No clue what possessed me to do all this to a cigar box.....weirdo!
Creation has no rules or boundaries....thank goodness!


Kit said...

It is gorgeous! I have fallen in love with altered art and this weekend while yard saling, kept looking for items to use. Don't know when I will create something but I know I will. Thanks for the inspiration! Kit

Honey Lamb and I said...

Uh gee I think I may e coveting this one too! I think I will try to do something similar today! It looks fun and gorgeous! ~Shelley O.

your little friend and sara said...

I love the photo, the art, and the knickknacks surrounding it!

Anonymous said...

Where did the naked rubber babies come from. I'm in love. Karen