Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 Proof Press Design #5!

Packaging is mucho important to me!  As many of you know I am a freak for collecting, purchasing and giving all kinds of junk.  

My Rules of Packaging:
1.  Put small items in a beautiful cello bag.
(less than .10 a piece)
2.  Put an attractive paper topper on the bag.
(this can be created with scrap paper and a clever stamp)

I used a hanger stamp from 100 Proof Press
Added a cute little catch phrase, "Hang With Me".  
Stapled it to a playing card. 

3.  The MOST IMPORTANT rule of packaging is to keep it inexpensive!

A great stamp on scrap paper with a playing card stapled to a cello bag fits all criteria. 

What Great Packaging Does:

1.  Ups the value of your goods.
2.  Creates a branding image for yourself.
3. Looks awesome!
4. Makes a simple little inexpensive treasure found at a yard sale a cute little gift for a friend.

STAMPS from 100 Proof Press and great for packaging!

3 comments: said...

These are very cute & clever... love it!
Great idea, thanks for sharing :]

scrapwordsmom said...

This is GREAT advice and so very true!!! Darling btw:)

Gerri Herbst said...

This is adorable! Might have to copy this.