Friday, August 26, 2011

Homemade Place Cards for 16th Birthday!

Yep, my little Friend is now 16!  We had a small gathering of friends at a local yummy restaurant in Chattanooga named Foodworks.  Great environment and even better food!  

Just to mark each attendees place, I made hang cards for the girls.  For once, Facebook was an awesome resource for little mugs of each gal.  So easy, yet whack-a-doodle party funny!

 They all had different paper dress, same party hats and I attempted to apply their similar hair.  They all kind of have a big head....loved it!

 The cards were formerly music flashcards.

Sweet 16!


Suz said...

Those are so much fun! What happy, smiling faces! I just celebrated birthday number 32 with my little one. How quickly the time goes but I love her adult self.

Gelia said...

These a are great! Absolutely adorable! And funky enough for a teen!

Going to share it on FB!