Friday, September 23, 2011


Last Fall about this time, my favorite junking haunt in Ringgold, GA, United Gift Shop, with the awesome owner of Joy had a yard sale.....whoop, whoop!  I saw this wood shelving unit with numbered shelves and the infamous "I see something I must have" tingle commenced.   I got there a little late so why in the world this was still there only is answered with the "junk angels" were waiting on me.  I immediately snapped it up!

This shelf has sat in my garage for one year....until Wednesday.  I lugged it downstairs, cleared out a hole, and began filling it with all my ephemera.  Little did I know I had that many bingo cards.  It was a blast to revisit all the paper goodies I have accumulated over the years.  Who knew I had this much stuff?  By simply organizing this junk I gained 4 square feet in my studio.  Outstanding!

The top was perfect for all my jars of buttons, thimbles, parts, hardware, etc.  I think this shelf may be the best investment I've made in a long time.  Love it.

Nothing feels better than organization....and finding goodies you forgot you had.  


queenostuff said...

What a fabulous shelf! Love that it so visibly corrals so many of your treasures in one spot. And you're right--nothing feels better than organization and finding goodies you forgot you had!

Halle said...

Outstanding piece! I would have snapped it up as well!

Unknown said...

You lucky girl - what a fabulous cabinet! said...

This is fabulous!
Just adore this vintage cubby... enjoy! :]