Monday, October 15, 2012

Gauche Alchemy and 100 Proof Press!

There is nothing better than sitting down in your studio and having some of the best supplies and tools to begin the creative process!  This week was a double pleasure!  100 Proof Press of course supplied the uber great wooden kitchen chair stamp (#2601) that I love, and Gauche Alchemy sent me this ever so yummy packet of a variety of artsy goodness.  

If you know anything about my creative process it must include a few elements...those being:
1.  layers of sewn paper
2.  a stitchey something somewhere
3.  old is always a must
4.  if I am using a stamp, I like them to be an antique styled image

Guess what?  100 Proof Press has many, and Gauche Alchemy sent me enough stuff in her package to do multiple projects!  

Great beginnings to a creative day!

My favorite page in my Gauche Alchemy package was the braille paper.  I do not often run across it and I loved the texture surface it gave as a framework to the art.

Number 2 favorite sheet was a aged page from a dictionary type book which asked the proverbial question "What To Invent" and then the ranted about the process of invention.  I felt it conveyed this chair was created quite a long time ago....not much left to make it better.  The best chair is a solid would chair.  Plus I added some hand and machine stitching.  

Great shot of the layers of paper and the tickets.

Thank you to 100 Proof Press for the lovely stamp
Thank you to Gauche Alchemy for the packet of yummy goodness!

Fun day of creation was had my me!

Thank you for the goodies!


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Lovely project Alexa, love all the layers and stitching, they showcase the stamped image beautifully. Tracy x

Jingle said...

Very nice work, Alexa! So pretty!