Friday, February 8, 2013

Antiques...Find The Beauty!

Truly the best experience when you are milling around an antique mall is the unexpected. There is never two items the same!  This gi-normous...overgrown Paul Bunyan bench is crazy.  And, there is storage.  Basically, aisle three and four of the linens section of Target could be stored in this ever so simple bench.  I loved it....just would need a foyer built on to my house to house it

I love this little runners!  The colors and

This little bird was great!  The coloring was so wrong, yet so wonderful.  Very folky1

There is nothing better than a well stocked metal fridge.  

Happy lamp!

Such sad little dolls...but, they also look so loved.

Find the beauty in the strange...familiar and sad!

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Kit said...

I love that you took pics in the store to share! Love that runner, the lamp is a little weird for me....LOL Your store trip, makes me eager to hit the road and visit my fav spots in Coeur d'Alene. Have a great week! Kit