Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Vintage Revival Review - Part Deux!

 Always begin every show by meeting a new friend or better yet meeting up with an old one.  Michele Rodgers was across from me last year at the Fall version of Vintage Revival in Buford, GA.  Her cute-cute-ness, fun-ness and family stories that make me giggle and her wide assortment of junk awesomeness, made her fit into my friendship circle in a micro-second.  I saw her for the first time since last October and we just picked up where we left off.  Easy....peazy!

Plus, for this show, I attended with BFFE, she brought her wares as well.  So, what was once my now OUR booth.  She is retiring from sharing her wisdom with the youth of America and is going to share some with me....Yippee!  

She brought lots of antique goodness with her and now it is with the attendees of Vintage Revival...for she had little left.

My little bumper stickers were quite the hit.  There will be nothing more pleasing than to travel through Georgia and someday see my words of junking wisdom grace the bumpers of fellow friends in the south.  

What do you think was the number one purchase?

a.  Junk Whisperer
b.  Inferior Designer
c.  quilt until you wilt
d.  Handmade

It was Junk Whisperer!!!!!

We were located inside building number two...and oddly, I never took one photo of the complete building (oops).  But, it was much smaller than #1, but filled with charm.  The walls were white and pipes boinged out of every wall and clearly these four wall had many stories to tell.  For some reason, (good karma) I was given a corner space!  It was awesome!

Everything looks dark in the photo, but much lighter in reality.

My art hung quite nicely on the wall...

and tables were filled with vintage goodness.

BFFE had these delish cardboard ice cream advertising signs...

and lots of unique glassware.

There are many milestones...benchmarks....and ceilings to crack when delving into a proprietorship.  One of mine has always been to casually pass someone wearing something I have created.  I personally, had totally written off the male gender as one of my consumers years ago.  But, lest we narrow our goals...for this weekend, I sold a BINGO bracelet to two different men.  The first being this little cutie below with his little hottie girlfriend.  He looked....purchased....and wore my BINGO bracelet right out of the booth.  Of course, I had to capture this moment in still photography and was so thrilled!!

This is MY bingo bracelet!!
Needless to say...this weekend was a hoot!  Much fun was had by all!  Can't wait to do it again.....


Michele Rodgers said...

Had sooooo much fun with you and E at Revival - miss you guys already!
And thanks for the "shout out!" - Michele

Kit said...

Your booth looked lovely! Would have been fun to shop it. :) Kit