Monday, July 22, 2013

The Dali Museum Wishing Tree!

While in St. Petersburg, Fl recently, I visited one of my favorite artistic places...The Dali Museum.  I am a huge fan of Salvador Dali!  

The building itself is phenomenal, not to mention the art!  This was my first time to visit this museum.  Many years ago, I visited the former one.  This one did not disappoint.  It was so much better!

One of the many visual vestibules was the "wishing" tree outside.  A simple small tree in the beautiful gardens was filled with colorful strips of paper tied to strings dangling from its limbs.

Little did I know, it was the colored wrist bands you put on to enter the museum.  Each day is identified with a different color and on a small stand under the tree is a Sharpie.  You are to leave a "wish" written on the back of your arm band and tie it to the strings attached to the tree.  Hundreds of thoughts and names blow in the breeze.

And now mine does too.

Really cool!

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