Monday, August 5, 2013

Boden Love! The Alexa Dress!

Finally, I have a dress named after me!

Just received my Boden catalog and was thrilled.  I do love their most everything else about the goods.  But, there is a "first" for everything....

the "Alexa" Dress!

Growing up I never disliked my name, but I always wanted to walk in Cracker Barrel, Wings at the beach, or any tourist attraction and find my name on a pencil...key chain....mug....or Christmas ornament....never happened.  My name never surfaced on ANYTHING!

I wanted to have something personalized!  Finally, the age of monogramming happened and I eventually PUT my name on some stuff.  Now, at my age, my thoughts are, "who cares." Although, it still feels pretty cool to have your own personally named dress.  When you see your name defining such a lovely dress it still brings back the memories of spinning the rack and hoping for an "Alexa" ink pen. This is waaaay better.

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