Thursday, August 15, 2013

Handmade Art Kit!

Well, I am in route to visit a young friend.  She is also a flourishing your creative sort!  Just love her energy to make things.  So, in my vast supply of stuff, I am going to share!  I made her a fun little art kit of beads, buttons and jewelry hardware!  

Can't wait to give it to her and see if the creative spirit starts to bubble.

Surprises of creativity in route!!

Encourage and share the spirit of "handmade"


Kit said...

What a great gift! She will love it! Kit

Pam McKnight said...

What a nice gift, I hope this inspires her. I am a first time visitor to your blog I found you through the article in Cloth Paper Scissors as I was just gifted a huge stack of art magazines from a friend. Bingo Parlor reminds me a lot of my own work. I have joined your blog and you can visit me at
thanks! Pam