Monday, October 28, 2013

Heaven & Ale and Dish T Pass Craft Beer Pairing Dinner In Chattanooga!

I have been to a wine pairing....but a craft beer pairing?

Absolutely, and it was OUTSTANDING!

Dish T Pass (the completely awesome catering boutique located in Chattanooga Workspace) partnered with Heaven & Ale to create this unusual and delicious event.

I fortunately, discovered it on Facebook...bought two tickets ...and showed up!

This is what I knew...

First:  I already knew Sarah and Amanda of Dish T Pass know their stuff in the catering and food world, so sweet and savory bouquets of party-rific good times was coming to my mouth no matter what.

Secondly: Heaven & Ale was a new business to me...and I had no idea how it worked, but they sold beer.

Thirdly:  I had no idea who was coming and who would I be breaking bread with at the table.

Fourthly:  I love to try something knew....and if you are combining great food and beer....why not?

Got there at 6:30pm and the establishment was hopping.  A very long farmhouse table had been set and garnished with the most beautiful dishes....glasses....earthy goodness...and no place cards.

We had a we bit of time to try a couple of different beers along with two different appetizers.  I have only one word for the level of the beginnings....YUM!

The Heaven & Ale proprietors welcomed us....explained their establishment....introduced Dish T Pass proprietors, and invited us to take a place at the table.

We did....and the party began.

The pairing of each beer was explained....what hint of what would spark your pa let to enjoy a flavorful bowl...plate...plate...and bowl that would be coming.  All the food was explained regarding the pairing, and a large portion was passed from guest to guest to serve and enjoy.

By the end of the first bowl of taste buds were screaming with delight. and I felt like I was enjoying a thanksgiving meal with family and friends.  The introductions began...the opinions of each food item and beer tasting were flying...and many sounds of laughing faces were heard and seen.  

To say the night was a complete success is massively understated.  There were two parties going in my mouth, and one at table with a fun group of new friends eating and drinking. 

Cheers to Heaven & Ale and Dish T Pass!

Count me there next time too!

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