Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilt Pin!

Today was little quilt pin day in the studio!  This tiny little piece of linen was hand whipped and a tiny little vintage quilt swatch was sewn on as the focal point!  Plus, I added a tiny little metal ladder to dangle from it all.  And....who doesn't love a skirt pin?  Oh...they are my fave!!!

In a meeting today it was brought up as any true, red blooded, card carrying, stitch making quilter type should know...the American Quilter's Society will have one of its many conventions in our fair city of Chattanooga, TN in September.  I am giddy with disbelief and enthusiasm.  I will be but a 2 mile drive to one of the best quilting shows....EVER!  Check out their website here.

"A stitch a day...keeps the crazies away!"

-B. Pittard

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