Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AVA Gallery Hop and American Quilt Society in Chattanooga!

Well, I have been neglecting my blog in an enormous way.  Just kind of hit the blogger block and needed a break.  But, with further ah-do....I'm ba-ack!  Many new projects...ideas....happenings....and more importantly....I have a new website under construction.  My creative Facebook page is up and running and invite all to check and like here!  Bam!

So, excited about the upcoming week.   

First:  Chattanooga is hopping with cultural art events!  This Saturday is our city's AVA Gallery Hop....check it out here.  Wonderful event where our community opens their galleries and anyone and everyone is invited to visit.  The Chattanooga Workspace takes this community event to heart!  We have so many artists participating...and to the first 75 visitors we have an awesome gift! (tease...tease)
Put this event on your 'to-do" list!

September 6th 2:30-8pm!

This is our fabulous gallery at Chattanooga Workspace!


September is the American Quilt Society Convention in
Chatta-Vegas, Tennessee!

The whole city is rolling out the quilted carpet!  So many events and exhibits are planned and I can't hardly contain myself.  Check out the details of convention here.  Please take a moment and see what this is about!

And the cherry on the top of this event sundae is the event below.

One of my besties has the most adorable...inviting...quilt store around.  Check out her website here.  She is featuring a beautiful Quilt Trunk Show with local quilters works of art.  I had the privilege of seeing the largest pile of stunning fabric goodness ever assembled!  Plus, she is opening a pop-up store with quilting kits, fabric, cards, and most anything you might want quilty!  And to make this a wee bit more dreamy, many of the artists of Chattanooga Workspace will be offering some of their many forms of creativity as well.  It is just a plethora of awesomeness!

Just want to show you a little special work of art...they are called "Dewdles"!

On of the Chattanooga Workspace members is Hollie Berry of Art Instinct.  Check it out here.  She rises early in the morning and creates a beautiful quilt block in the dew of Coolidge Park.  One of kind....short lived....block of quilty beauty!  All of this leads up to the AQS convention next week.  

What can I say.....I am about to pop!

Check everything out....and look for the launch of my new website!  Got a wee peep last week....I can't wait to share!

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