Monday, January 5, 2015


In a former life, I worked in a tourist attraction, and 89.87% of my day was spent refolding the t-shirts that were constantly disheveled.  To this day, I hate to pick up a folded shirt in a clothing store and hold it up for fear of not re-folding it the same way and thus, causing the employee to do the re-fold.  I recently went into this little store and the 2nd floor was dedicated to t-shirts.  This is what I saw as I topped the steps.  Pure order....organization....elite folding.....pristine folded t-shirts.

I stood and absorbed the beauty of order for several minutes.  I then went over and pulled the pink t-shirt out just a wee bit to create...not complete order.  See it smack in the middle of the photo?  I felt disgust....relief....appreciation...and more importantly I feel I saved someone's job.  This kind of precision retail order could cause people not to purchase.  

My mantra for 2015:

Celebrate Imperfection!!

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