Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fantastic Find!

The latest fantastic find in treasure hunting on Saturday! Yes, in my town is this awesome store, titled, "Estate of Confusion". The name alone should give you a little glimpse of what it is. I went there about 10 years ago....and was in the phase of home decor where everything must match...look somewhat new...or as I now call it, "cookie cutter decorated". This store was certainly not my cup of tea. It reeked of rust...dirt...chipped...piled up debris...remains of former most anythings...and many discarded yard sale leftovers. It was not really calling my name.

But, now....10 years later....I felt the need to give the old place a visit with renewed eyes. Yes, it is still all the above...with more rust, dirt, debris and yard sale leftovers...but, my vintage form of likes, saw all this stuff in a whole new light. I thoroughly enjoyed finding goodies buried beneath years of collecting.

One of my favorite finds were these rolls of label tape for men's pants. Currently, I have no idea where they will surface in my future....but, I feel certain that label tape will find a home in my home. Face it, I now have about 100 yards of it.

Label tape....who would of thought that was a fantastic find?


cammy said...

The kind of shop you described is my absolute favorite. You just never know what treasures are hiding under the dirt and dust. Enjoy!

Simply Organized 4 Life & Koaching by Kimberly said...

I have yet to find a better store than any thrift store or estate sale USA. I recently did a collaborative art project on my blog entitled, "You know you're an artist when..." and one of the listings was "you'd rather shop for art supplies than clothes" or "get a gift certificate to a thrift shop". That's SO how I am these days as well. I was like you about 10 years ago also, thinking the buy "new" but now I love to rescue "old" items and renew their purpose in life. Very awesome label tape. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

~Nancy~ said...

I cannot imagine what you will create but I am sure it will be wonderful! I recently bought a box full of charming old midget file boxes with the cutest clasped tops from the 40's thru the 60's. They were for Pastor's Magazines, etc. I thought and thought and had no inspiration so they now sit patiently in my ebay store, waiting for a creative soul to turn them into treasures.
I wish I shared your magic. ;0}

Anonymous said...

Ooh the shop sounds just like somewhere I would love to get lost in. I can just imagine all the things I would have brought home! I love the labels but I really can't think of anything you could use them in except maybe in some scrapbooking. Good luck with it!