Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Proud Moment...Again

Motherhood brings moments that make you me, there have been many...but when my little friend shows her creative side....I GLOW!  

For once...the night before last, my friend finished her homework early (a rarity, might I add).  I popped in to check on her and found her cutting...sewing...and creating.   I absolutely love to see her rip into a pile of fabric....use the other side of the brain that does not involve structure.  I encourage a "free spirit" when killing some creative free time.  

This is how it started....she had a bracelet like below.  Really cute little elastic bracelet made of multi-colored felt circles and wooden beads.  Unfortunately, the elastic broke....but, fortunately....the elastic broke!  

The little pile of felt circles were erratically sewn on to a small pouch made out of a linen napkin.   No rules....just cut and sew as it feels, and looks good.

The color palette was fantastic!  It brought back very found memories of one of my first Mother's Day presents made by my little friend while in kindergarten.  A simple rock with her favorite colors erratically painted to create the most incredible paper weight.

This pouch has purpose! 

She made a camera pouch!  Isn't it adorable?
Proud moment.


Lataina said...

That's really cute!!! =)

Suz said...

That is totally charming. Some real talent here!