Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Food Warmer!

OK, do you know what the above is?

A food warmer.

This little handy dandy kitchen gadget is fantastic. I never can find one in a kitchen store, but for some unknown reason, they are in abundance at thrift stores.  This is the fourth one I have ever purchased....never paid over $2.  It seems our difficult economic climate has even hit the second-hand, unused, food warmer retail market, for they have grotesquely skyrocketed to $3.  Whew!  

What is even more humorous...I don't own one.  As a Mom of an athlete, you are always making...bringing large quantities of food for team consumption.  Generally a kitchen is not available for infamous food warmer.  I continually donate them to the team in which my little friend is participating.

Recently, I mentioned my great find to a friend and she informed me these warmers are considered hazardous.....OH MY!  Thus the reason for their abundance in thrift stores maybe?  Not sure, for are are incredibly useful if creating a meal in the hall way of a school or gym. What a shame.

Any who...I will continue to enjoy the pleasures of a food warmer all for $3.

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Emma Handoko said...

so sweet, I realy like it