Thursday, April 7, 2011

Folk Art Found in the Bahamas!

To those who continually ask, "How I made these?".......I DID NOT!  I purchased them at the Straw Market in the Bahamas.  I do not know how....I do not know who did.  I just loved them and purchased them. 

Recently went on a vacation to the Bahamas....woo woo!  Had an awesome time.  Shared much fun with family and friends.  But, one of the highlights, was finding the little women that made things from trash.  Yes, the essence of folk art!  Love it!

The fantastic little guitar was completely made from coke cans.  It stood about 10" high.  

But, my all time favorite was the camera!  Obviously, coke is the preferred soda of choice.  Most everything was red!  Any who....notice the front lens is the top of a can....and if you push the button (just like a camera...

this little hairy, funny face boings out on a spring....too cute!
Had to have it!

Don't you love what people can make out of trash?

"To invent, you need a good imagination 
and a pile of junk."
-Thomas Edison

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Anonymous said...

How did you made the camera ? :O