Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whipstitch Fabrics in Atlanta!

I have been such a bad blogger.  Can't seem to find enough time to stay home or create, much less blog.  But, I am now in the zone.  And, part of the motivational shove comes from my recent visit to one of the most fantastic fabric stores....ever!  This story comes with good news....and bad.....

Good News First:

On one of my many treks to watch my favorite friend play volleyball, I cut out some time to visit a store and blog I have stalked for quite some time.  This store is like a yummy piece of creative cake. Calming colors embrace you at the entry.  Upon crossing the threshold....the smell of fresh fabric and creativity feel your senses.  The visual eye candy takes your breath away.  Unlike walking into a box store that sells fabric (I will keep the names unmentioned), the customers were different.  They were hip and happening women! Cool outfits...most all had some type of handmade accessory...I even eaves dropped to hear them talking about making clothes for their children for heaven's sake.  Who does that? The young cutie managing the store was dressed to the nines... and spoke with knowledge and excitement about fabric...not in a horrific dark royal vest over a t-shirt going through the motions of her J-O-B. This store had bolts of delicious fabric, fat quarters and patterns everywhere.  Plus, they even have classes in the back!  I wanted to sit down and just consume the yumminess all around me.  

Now to the Bad News:

I only had about 15 minutes to consume the awesomeness!  Boo.  My little friend was waiting in the car....hungry....and was about to play volleyball in 90 minutes.  So, as you can imagine I put my "scan and conquer" skills in high gear.  Touched each and every fabric...asked numerous questions....looked at everything (quickly might I add) and decided upon the above fat quarter fabrics.  Now, I feel certain these fabrics are not in a store that sounds similar to:  Mobby Wobby, Jomamma's or Flaw-Mart.  I also purchased a couple of books (they had a great creative book library) and a do-dad to make an ever so cute pin cushion.  It will be forthcoming.  

So, with little summation necessary....go to Whipstitch in Atlanta!  Terrific!

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