Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pepper Tassel!

A few years ago I did a segment for HGTV....they needed something that transformed an everyday item into something pretty!

This little Chef Pepper shaker was a widower.  His wife Salty was had long since moved on to ceramic heaven....but, I could not get rid of him.  He was just adorable, provided a service and was such a happy face to hang around.  Thus, the need to find him another purpose.  

That is when he became a tassel. 

It was such a simple thing to transform. 

1.  ran some wire from the base up through the pepper holes and back down, tied it off
2.  put a jump ring through the wire for a hanger
3.  tied some cording through the jump ring
4.  hot glued some black trim around the base
5.  hung it on a cute little chair

Chef Pepper will forever be with me!
Love him!

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